Free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash & Dogecoin Faucet – Claim Today!

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“Nothing comes for free”.

I would usually agree with such a comment, but the cryptocurrency world is booming & has seen substantial growth over the last year. This has welcomed many working class individuals to join the millionaire club.

So you want your slice of the pie? A group of tech geniuses have built an easy to use wallet & six websites which allow you to claim free cryptocurrencies every five minutes! You can claim from all six sites in less than one minute & it’s perfect for beginners who want to learn how to earn and use coins.

I am here to spread the word of Cryptocurrencies & I hope you can do the same! Please follow the instructions below to sign up and claim your free coins!

Coinpot wallet:

Register and sign into this page. This will be your wallet that your free coins automatically get sent to when you claim them. You can withdraw them to your main wallet when needed. To the newcomers, setting up a main wallet will be simple once you have gone through the sign up process with Coinpot.

Claim links:

This is where you can claim free bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin.
Click on the below links & enter the same email address that you used to sign into Coinpot. The login box will be clearly visible on the page.

 Use the links below to receive your welcome bonus

Your accounts will now be linked. You can now claim free coins every five minutes by simply clicking a button. You can also complete surveys, watch videos & install apps to claim even more coins at a higher value. For every day you claim your free coins you will receive an extra 1% on all earning up to 100%. You will also get a random bonus with every claim adding up to 100% on top of your claim.

Please make sure you claim on all five pages every 24 hours to revive your daily bonus or it will reset to 0%. The more often you claim the more you earn. The coins regenerate fastest in their first hour.

Explore and check it out!

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